Pastors & Staff

     Revs. Mike & Ruth Suski came to LCC in December '05. They are both ordained ministers with the Assemblies of God. The Suskis have preached, pioneered churches and pastored in Europe and across the United States (Connecticut/California).  
      Rev. Mike earned his Masters degree from George Fox University in Portland, Oregon. Rev. Ruth earned her Bachelors from Continental Theological Seminary in
Brussels, Belgium.  Both are fluent in several languages.  Pastor Mike has served on the District Presbytery (overseeing other churches in the region) with the AGNCN for years (formerly in the Mt. Shasta Section and now in the Lake-Mendocino Section) and also serves as Chaplain for Lake County Sheriff's Department, Lakeport Police Department & Sutter Lakeside Hospital. 
The Suskis have one
son named Jake...a communications & public relations consultant as well as Senior VP of Communications & Broadcast in the NBA for the Milwaukee Bucks as well as managing partner for two corporations who recently married the love of his life, Summer.

The Suskis have a tremendous passion for God & people

OUR STAFF  and ministry leaders

Brooke Hanson    Darlene Morehouse       Revs. Burton & Cindy Jernigan

preschool staff:  Mary Paarsch   Jenna James     Brandy, Michele, Livia, Kristen & Tammy   

brooke hanson
...nursery care/kid's church

darlene & preschool assistant

revs. burton and cindy jernigan...lcc youth ministries

mary paarsch...preschool director & saints alive

jenna james...assistant director, preschool ministry

We are here to serve you...along with a great number of ministry leaders and other volunteers!